Tiny feet

My parents visited for my birthday a few weekends ago: they met Alex and I in Nottingham city centre and we did a little bit of shopping before stopping at the gluhwein stall next to the ice rink in Market Square. Feeling somewhat more adventurous than normal, I tried a hot blueberry wine, which had a very deep and earthy flavour – yummy! Alex had hot Apple wine, Mum had hot cherry wine, and Dad (our Des for the evening) had an incredible hot chocolate in a boot shaped cup! We went on to French Living for our evening meal, which did not disappoint, where my Dad sampled Foie Gras to his delight!

Mum and Dad got me some lovely vintage presents: one, my footprint in January 1982 few weeks old, encased in a snowglobe (it was snowing when I was born, you know); and another dated 1997 – a pencil drawing Mum made of me aged 15. I’ll try to get some images up here shortly, but it might take some fiddling – my directories aren’t in order at the moment!


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