A walk in the woods seems to solve most problems

Alex and I spent three hours at Rufford today, to, in his words, ‘blow the cobwebs away’.  Admittedly, this is not the kind of thing you’d want to do in deepest winter, when being outside for ten minutes at the bus stop can almost bring you to tears. However, on a nearly spring day like today, when it’s cool but not bitter, and the sun is happily shining, there really is nothing like wandering around for a proper dose of refreshment.

I feel better than I have in months. It’s true that it’s still Sunday, and I might come down with a thud tomorrow, but I’m hopeful that I’ve cleared my head of months of pessimism and stress and can begin again, earnestly following a path that might lead me to that house in the country with ‘a room with a view’, an old wooden writing desk and a faithful doggy friend.

Starting now, I’ve had a quick search for some posts about arts criticism. Annoyingly, I am still unable to add the addresses as hyperlinks, but you know what to do. I think these are fairly interesting posts about arts criticism, which is something I am now committed to having a good crack at – if only to kick start my vaguely arts related writing once more.




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