It doesn’t rain, but it pours

In keeping with my somewhat embarassing tendency to run anround in a circle a few times if I’m busy (or late, or both) – I thought I’d run in a metaphorical circle in this post and try to excuse myself for irregular blogging habits in the last and next few weeks. I’m currently taking a break from transcribing and editing an interview that I need to submit tomorrow, and I still haven’t finished work for the day. Today I received another commission from a-n for a meaty piece about digital art, reviewing an exhibition, a book and a website (hurray). This needs to be in a week today! Meanwhile, I’m fervently thinking about a ten minute script I want to write for the same deadline. I’m also conscious that my learning contract and my apel claim are feeling something like a ball and chain around my neck, as I want to make some real headway on my Masters. Add to that the fact that I attended the first meeting for the incorporation of Standing Room on Saturday and haven’t yet written up the minutes. I’m also ready to process most responses for the skills sharing workshops I’m organising for NWS, but as yet haven’t had a minute to do so. I also wanted to do some drawing before my machine skills class tomorrow evening, but the dissolvable fabric is still in my bag. I also had a bit of good news from the Publishing Training Centre, which has encouraged me (mentally) to complete my proofreading certificate, though I haven’t yet picked up the folder. And, I’m still determined to get some feedback about my application to Axis, write an abstract for an essay about paper, write an abstract for Dialogue about Standing Room and the inventive approach to curation and professional development for curators. To top all that off, I’m furiously preparing the quiz for Alex’s birthday party (and I haven’t even begun to think about what to wear). And I haven’t even finished this paragraph.

In the words of my wonderful God-daughter: ‘Oh no!’


One thought on “It doesn’t rain, but it pours

  1. Come on – it’s been nearly two weeks and still no new blog?! I’m disappointed. 😉

    See you both tomorrow night!


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