A clue

Especially for my eager weasel reader: tonight’s quiz unfortunately doesn’t rely on your extensive knowledge, so you might need a clue. The long hair disappeared in the autumn after our wedding. May your reading not go unrewarded!


One thought on “A clue

  1. Just read all your bogroll,boy a diverse set of issues but gets you thinking.Try to keep up its important and so will we.
    I am beginning to realise our move is imminent as the weeks go by,how exciting.
    Finished reading a novel that I started at xmas, its called “The Last Legion” by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, a jolly good read.The novel has been made into a film I will be watching it.
    Let me point out some things you already know, you are a good person, you need to believe, you will be strong, go for it and be positively active because nothing can dilute or dislodge you.
    By the way I know the answer is Alex, to the Quiz and hey I know the L is missing ha ha.
    Luv you xxxxxxxxxxx.

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