Blogging friends

I recently encouraged my parents to start a blog chronicling their exciting journey to Scottish hills. I made them a deal: I would volunteer to be their web-mistress if they wrote a blog on average once a week between now and the beginning of July 2008, when they move to Cumnock. I’m sure they both knew that I would develop their website regardless, but the deal was intended to prompt a real engagement with their blog, and to see if they got on with it – there’s no point planning for a blog on the website if it will be of no use.

Happily, my parents have taken on the blog with some real gusto, and I was giddy and pleased when I found four posts less than a week after setting it up! The blog is in my blogroll – go and have a look! Today I spoke to both Mum and Dad and I’ve seen the difference they’ve made to the L&F of the blog, which I think is very stylish and in keeping with the blog rhythm! Dad also surprised me by commenting on my blog after reading it all in one go – he has a tendency to read everything I write with meticulous care and detail, which is very touching. Dad went to Holland to see some international football a few years ago and returned with a keyring with my name on it – an act of which the significance is only known to those who read ‘Stories, memories and things’ (or mind readers!).

Meanwhile, Mum has really impressed me by taking the bull by the horns and getting to grips with the functionality of the blog largely by exploring the dashboard and trying things out! We’ve had a few amusing conversations about why some things have worked and others haven’t and I’m now looking for a novel way of describing what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ to give Mum that extra bit of knowledge that will add some weight to the conclusions she arrives at as a result of her experiments!

I’m really pleased that Mum and Dad can see the potential of a blog and that they are getting stuck in. Meanwhile, I am free to dream of that house near Afton Water that I can’t wait to visit.


One thought on “Blogging friends

  1. Just been up dating my blog and I have realised that I have had quite a few viewers on Sundays, so that might make me add new posts by Saturday. We have had 87 views up to now. Loz hasn’t got round to it yet!That sister of mine is far too busy!
    I met a man on Thursday who gave me his telephone number so that he and his family could come and stay with us and I know he has not viewed yet either, I love being in the know – how useful! See you next week Little White Winter Weasel XXXXX

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