Bicing in Barcelona

Alex and I just returned from a superb holiday in Barcelona. Even though we were forecast rain, we had four glorious days of clear blue skies and sunshine at temperatures we could cope with. I had almost forgotten what it is like to feel the sun warming bare skin. After lunch on Tuesday I turned into robin red breast, but proceeded to coat myself in factor 30 suncream (courtesy of Rikke!). Alex, who claimed not to need suncream on the last day, has a severly pink right arm – but he was much less sunburned than most of the Brits of the flight home!

Even though this was my fourth trip to Barcelona, I never tire of the city. There’s so much to do, and I saw things and went to places I hadn’t previously experienced. I strongly recommend Barcelona on foot, because it’s amazing how many fantastic buildings just pop up out of nowhere. A new addition is racks of bikes around the city for public use. Called Bicing (with the BCN in a different colour), residents can pay 25 euros for a year’s membership, and then hire the bikes on a sliding scale, making your first hour really cheap (centimos cheap). It’s all automated, and the red bikes lined up look so appealing. We saw Bicings everywhere we went, so the scheme has clearly been a success.

Inspired by Mum and Dad and their Scottish adventure, I dedicated a mature tree in a forest near Loch Ness to Alex as our fifth anniversary present on the wooden theme. Next few posts: Montserrat and the results of my annual review. Hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures by then because nothing can describe Montserrat like a picture 🙂


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