Sigur Rós – Heima

Sigur Ros’ DVD Heima is a superbly moving record of the band’s free home tour of Iceland in 2006/7 after completing a world tour. The combination of a simple aesthetic, stunning cinematography and photography and an almost meditative edit with the haunting and endlessly compelling music make this a really touching film. It epitomises so much that makes me glad to be alive: the beauty of the natural world, the feeling of being with family and friends, the magic of musical ability. It’s hard to put such stirring feelings into words. When it comes to music, I’m both extremely fussy, and really easy-going. There’s a lot of music that I like listening to, but there’s not a lot of music that I consider really great. I subconciously break down great music into two types: the type that makes me want to move around, to dance, to enjoy the affect that rhythm has on my body; and the type that makes me want to be still, that I can’t help but be consumed by. Sigur Ros is in this last category – there’s perhaps a touch of reverance in my response. The distinction seems to hark back to the old duality of mind and body that I studied in Philosophy (I was a supporter of the precedence of mind then, but my inclinations have softened since).

Noticing how serious Sigur Ros are about their music and their country is heartening – seriousness is something I’ve often been accused of, and yet it is no bad thing.


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