Tired and emotional

We are only thirteen hours in to the big 30th celebration, and I’ve already given sweat and tears. I arrived at the first leg having carried a big, heavy box from Broadway to Tonic (a good ten minute walk when you have a load), so I was sweating and shaking! So attractive…

The wine flowed and the conversation was quality, so I probably smiled more in six hours than I do in a normal week! One of the really nice things about last night was that everyone seemed to be generous with the hugs – which is especially rare when you are in the company of geeks! In fact, I didn’t just get a lot of cuddles, but everyone seemed to have nice things to say to me and about me, and it was that which prompted the tears. It makes such a nice change to cry because you feel incredibly lucky in the company you keep.

Well, after a couple of hours faffing around with WordPress, I’m feeling much less sentimental, but still blessed. Bring on Spinal Tap.


One thought on “Tired and emotional

  1. Thanks for the effort Bianca, well worth lugging that box! You and Olwen did a sterling job, I was absolutely gobsmacked by everyone’s generosity.

    See you for Spinal Tap shortly… this one’s gonna go all the way up to 11!

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