Save the planet

Alex and I watched ‘An inconvenient truth’ recently. We’ve been interested in being greener for a while and think we have a fairly low carbon lifestyle. I thought the film would gets us thinking a bit more seriously about saving our planet. Surprisingly, the film was also about Al Gore – perhaps the makers thought that giving it the human touch would make the science more impactful and meaningful?

I went to the website promoted at the end of the film, and naughty paramount seem to have hijacked it to advertise their films! Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we found lots of information anyway. The British government have created a site that helps you work out your carbon footprint. We (as a household) currently produce 6.48 tonnes of carbon each year, which makes a children’s footprint against the national average, but is still above the target for every household in the UK. You can check your footprint by visiting (sorry, still can’t make hyperlinks).

We’ve been looking for real green electricity, and there’s a plethora of articles online comparing the current providers.  We’ll save 1.2 tonnes of carbon emissions a year by simply switching to electricity produced through entirely renewable means (and we use relatively little electricty compared with most people at £5 p/m). Good energy is completely renewable and they are currently my favourite. Incidentally, they also have a shop on their website that seels eco stuff, including energy saving dimmer and halogen bulbs. Genius! Ecotricity is another option that invests all its profits into building new wind farms, but currently has to supplement its own renewable energy with brown energy from other suppliers. The split is about 30% renewable at the moment, but the more customers they get, the faster they will increase the amount of renewable energy they produce. There’s also green energy, but they do something complicated with ROCs and I couldn’t figure out whether that was good or bad :$

Enough for now – but there’s much more to do.


One thought on “Save the planet

  1. Green Energy is a sister company of OPUS – we trade ROCs with them! I do forecasts for some of their green production sites.

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