Three birds alighting in a field: Timberlake Wertenberger

I was hoping for something similar to what I have heard about Art, which I understand to be about the way in which people relate to each other, and how art (especially the purchase of) can change that. Unfortunately, Three birds alighting on a field focuses on the world of art commerce, something that I am not really interested in. The first character we are introduced to (through a monologue) is Biddy, wife of a wealthy Greek who desires to ‘be more English’, though the main character is purpotedly Richard, the artist that has fallen back into favour with a gallery that dropped him years before. Highlighting the fickle nature of commerce (there is an ridiculous scene in which a couple try to ‘return’ a painting they bought from a gallery some years before to get their money back, simply because the buyer’s new wife does not like the painting), Three birds alighting on a field also suggests the compromising position this puts the artist in, though we have no sympaty for the ascerbic character. Fortunately, through the course of the play, Richard’s attitude towards Biddy (now a collector) softens, indicating that maybe, just maybe, there is more to collecting art than trying to impress other people.


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