I’m seven days into my shiny new job (well, twelve point five if you count the stuff I did before I joined). It’s always difficult to get a handle on what a new job is actually going to be like in the first month or so, because everything is artificially easy, or at least you aren’t expected to be responsible and know everything straight away. The job so far can easily be summarised as stimulating.

I know it’s a cardinal sin to say that you enjoy meetings, but every meeting I’ve attended so far has been interesting to the extent that it feels like there’s a box of fireworks in my brain and someone has carelessly discarded a match causing a tumult and a spectalcle of colourful illuminations. I’m still at that jaw-dropped, wide-eyed moment of awe, but I hope that soon I’ll be able to use the firework display as a prompt for some writing – an unexpected and most welcome benefit of my new position.


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