If you’re going through hell, keep going…

After a significant absence, I’m back in the helm: I gave up on the 2.6 upgrade and rolled back to my May upgrade. I see in the meantime that WordPress have released 2.6.1 with 60 bug fixes, so when I’m feeling brave (and definitely after the festival I’m currently working on), I might give that whirl and see if I can this time avoid the white screen of death.

There’s so much to share and to write about, though admittedly, I’m feeling so bogged down that there isn’t much room for either detached or engaged reflection. One of the notable things, writing-wise, is that I’ve decided to start trying to increase the scope of my work in terms of publishing opportunities, so I have an end of September deadline for an essay, the subject of which I haven’t yet decided. I also have a very tight deadline (self imposed) to create a profile for a single friend that will get the likes of Angelina Jolie’s head turning! That will be the most fun writing I’ve done in ages 🙂

Finally, for now, I think it’s probably worthwhile creating a sort of web portfolio of writing projects, so I’m having a bit of a think about whether this should feature here (for ease in the meantime) or on a separate site. If I can manage this by Christmas, I’ll be very pleased.

Au revoir

Oh yeah, and it’s Winston Churchill in the title, courtesy of Radio Two’s bank holiday shenanigans.


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