Let the games begin…

Today is my three month anniversary of employment in the UK theatre sector, and to celebrate, I thought I should get a bit more serious about plays. From here on in, I’ll be posting a weekly reveiw of a script I’ve read or a play I’ve seen, in the hope that I can start to build up some knowledge about theatre.

UPDATE: It’s the end of 2009, and my employ in the UK theatre sector has now reached a duration of seventeen months. I’ve learnt a lot, and seen some great things, but haven’t fulfilled my objective of reading a script a week. There’s no time in my job to do this, and I’ve loads else to be doing in my free time, but let’s just say that my cultural palate is the richer for my experience in this wacky and wonderful sector.


One thought on “Let the games begin…

  1. I am a playwright and theatre student in Alaska. You are in a great place to both read and watch many plays, old and new. If you have trouble with older plays, be sure to study them and the genre they were written in first. That helps me so much. For instance Theatre of the Absurd maybe a mystery to you until you understand when, how, why it came about and who did it.– How Beckett, Pinter and Albee lived their lives.

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