Witches of Eastwick

It has to be said: I hate musicals. Somebody might decide to try and educate me someday, but that day seems a long way off. In a show of generosity (well, okay, I was dragged in the end) I agreed to see a young man in the play who has been involved with Theatre Writing Partnership for some time.

For an amateur dramatic show, I was surprised by the spectacle: the costumes and the staging were quite impressive, if a little eclectic (couldn’t really determine the genre). The solo singing was impressive if the chorus sadly failed to harmonise, and there was a good deal of dancing, including a set shortly after the interval that made me blush, but proved how adaptable the cast were.

Unfortunately, somebody went over the top with the smoke machine, and those American accents were not only embarassing, but also unnecessary. The acting was patchy (a lot of turn-waiting) and, yes, it went on a bit too long for me.

The upside is that it’s actually quite amazing to see such a large cast, even if they can’t quite dance in time!


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