Journeying into the unknown

I’m past the fifty mark on posts: if I manage another post before 4th January, I’ll have averaged a post a week in 2008. My new year resolution target was five posts per month – so I should really be hitting 60 by 3rd January 2009, but the chances are slim unless I have a burst of reflective thoughts as the year closes. I’ve come much closer with this resolution than the other five (but I’m far too embarrassed by my lack of willpower to list my failures). It would be all too easy to concentrate on the negative aspects of 2008 given the cold weather, dark nights and general ‘troubles’ I’m currently mixed up in, but I’m making a conscious effort here to be positive.

I didn’t have many clear ideas about what I hoped to achieve by writing sixty blog posts, and as I’ve been periodically reflecting on the blog, I am less and less sure about what it is and what it’s for. One of the important goals was simply to write regularly. Having made a good effort at realising this goal, there are two observations: 1. The goal itself was a means to other ends, namely achieving a certain level of discipline with writing habits, and trying to understand what I actually want to be writing about/what motivates me to write; 2. That the last year of blogging, rather than making things clearer, has complicated things – the blogging habit is very different to the writing habit, and at the moment I feel that blogging has diluted my appetite for ‘real’ writing.

In actual fact, the blog is simply the start – and the more shrewd and creative I am with my reflections next year, the more useful the blogging will have proved. Weasely words has undoubtedly been a journey into the unknown (what at art school we would have called research by practice), so it’s no bad thing to set myself the task of rigorous analysis and devising a plan of action that builds on the last year of somewhat aimless effort.

One thing I should say, lest I forget to mention it in my year anniversary post, is that I think I’m afflicted with dissertation blues: I was denied the chance to write a dissertation at university, and despite my plans to write four in the final year off my own bat, I haven’t written anything with any depth. Perhaps there’s a resolution in the making!


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