It’s MISS Hanff to you

My soul friend recently loaned me 84 Charing Cross Road (the edition with The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street). It’s such a charming book: I identify wholly with the idea of frankness and an awkwardness about etiquette and protocol – there are certainly times when my brash and perhaps naive outbursts amuse other people.
There are little scraps of napkin and paper littered through the book as keepers of thoughts that tickled me, so in her own words:

“I never can get interested in things that did not happen to people that never lived”

“Why is it that people who wouldn’t dream of stealing anything else think it’s perfectly all right to steal books?”

“I tell you it’s insidious being an ersatz Duchess, people running to give you what you want before you’ve had time to want it. If I kept this up for more than a month it would ruin my moral fiber.”

Thank you Helene, and my lovely rainbow otter.


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