Resolution realism

Having finally expunged the thoughts that I’ve collected over the last four weeks, I feel somewhat accomplished, and still there is a longing, or a lack, or something that leaves me out of kilter. I’m inadvertantly reflecting on the past year, and can help but see the failures: the dinners uncooked, the organic veg wasted, the things unlearned, the family and friend matters unresolved. I have fanciful plans that I will excel in my job, kick start my business, begin writing in earnest, learn a language, solve my parents tricky residential problem, look after a pet, eat healthily, exercise more, read more, laugh more, worry less, expect less, earn more, spend quality time with my loved ones, handmake all birthday cards and gifts, save energy, finish the garden, start growing veg, drink less, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, keep track of what I’ve done and where I’ve been, give more to charity, spend less, reduce my debt, kick bad habits and become a better wife, daughter, aunt, friend, employee, colleague and citizen.

But how? And if it’s impossible to do it all, where do I start?


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