The Pink Elephant club

I have been lucky enough to have the chance to devise a series of six writing workshops that aimed to provide a provocation and a stimulus to budding playwrights. Playwright is the word for workshop number two, lead by Stephen Lowe about imagining in theatre language.

The term playwright is significant, because it well describes what a playwright actually does: craft plays. Not write plays. As such, we put our pens away, and entered the realm of imagination. For it is imagination that the playwright offers the world: a play without imagination is simply no good. Stephen Lowe has a bit of an obsession about the imagination, that borders mysticism, hypnotism, mediation and academic theory, suggesting that the most imagined ideas surface from the subconscious under the right conditions. Theatre is also the single most collaborative art form, requiring design, choreography, sound engineering, lighting, fabrication, action, direction, production, construction and composition in a whole variety of manifestations and to all manner of degrees. Simple and yet startling, these are the kind of remarks that really get one thinking.

Oh, and you’ve really got to ask me if you want to know about the Pink Elephant Club.


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