Weasel-snail in Cambridge

Blogging from Cambridge today, where it has taken me an astonishing amount of time to find free wi-fi. Perhaps Nottingham is pretty hip on this front, as there’s barely a street without a cafe shouting about its wi-fi connection. 

Though my first impressions of Cambridge were of smelly drains and horrendous traffic (with next to no pedestrian crossings), now I’m a convert – I don’t think I’ve been in a city with so much green space. Of course, when the sun s shining like today, it’s easy to see the best in things. 

I spent last night in college – the first time I have ever done so on my own (which was just as well, as the bed was extremely narrow!). It was a strange and sedate experience, and so I was fortunately able to relax after the hurly-burly of the twelve hour day at Hotbed festival.

Today has been a bit difficult – it would have been lovely to relax in the park getting a good dose of vitamin E, but having burnt the last few times I’ve been out, I decided to be careful. I’m also carrying a full and heavy rucksack, so am feeling pretty drained now.

Went to Kettle’s Yard for the first time, something I was very excited about. The gallery is lovely, and there were a couple of really interesting pieces, but I also found some of the work a bit tatty. I looked through the commentary, and was pleased to note that the work I found most interesting had less written about it, which backs up my feeling that good work speaks for itself and doesn’t need the crutch of a text.

I attended a performative lecture about an artist yesterday, which was bloody brilliant. I’ll probably save posting about this in depth for now, but wanted to note how he referred to himself – as a ‘successful professional failure’ – which of course reminded me of Jo Lee’s concern with art students ‘failing to fail’. 

It’s getting close to performance time again, so I ought to wrap up. I’m off to see The Altruists, by Craig Baxter, and after that, snail-weasel finally gets to slink off home.


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