A Man Booker adventure!

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Memo.m4a (540 KB)


On 30th July I started my little ManBooker 2009 challenge. I’m currently five books, 18 days, £61 pounds and about 1500 pages into my adventure. I’ve also found some other fanatics like me, who might prove an interesting reference point (or simply moral support) for the madness: Paperbackreader and CompleteBooker

Instead of post reviews here that might be duplicated elsewhere, I thought I’d liven it up a bit. Here’s the intro, which will start a series of short audiocasts demonstrating just why I should stick to the written word!


2 thoughts on “A Man Booker adventure!

  1. Welcome to the insanity!

    I love your approach to this; the audio is a great medium for this and I am going to enjoy listening to your thoughts.

    Which books have you read so far or is the audio to come?

    I am 5 and a bit books in, £4.31 spend and who knows how many pages!

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