The Rankings so far

Sadly I was unprepared for the announcement of the shortlist yesterday, so I couldn’t post my predictions in time. I missed out on achieving the challenge by two books: Summertime by J M Coetzee and How To Paint A Dead Man by Sarah Hall. I have now started the Hall, and am so far in love with it (only reached page sixteen).

 Even though I didn’t quite make it, I still thought it would be interesting to outline the ranks of the novels I did manage to read, and I can add the Coetzee and the Hall when finished. From the top…

 4.5 stars
The Glass Room
Wolf Hall
The Little Stranger

 4 stars

 3 stars
The Wilderness
Not Untrue and Not Unkind
The Children’s Book
The Quickening Maze

 2 stars
Love and Summer

 1 star
Me, Cheeta

 I think this is a fair reflection of my thoughts – I have ordered within each rating by putting my favourite to the top.
There are some really interesting threads that pull the longlist together like buildings as characters, and I’ll blog about some of this separately. For now, my immediate reaction to the shortlist is that it’s a bit safe and a bit obvious, but I’ll say more when I’ve finished the reading.


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