The Complete Booker

Since completing my Man Booker 2009 reading list, I’ve had a little hole in my life, so in a fit of longing I announced my next reading challenge to my friends, hoping to solicit copies of books without spending a small fortune this time!

I’m going to make a concerted effort to get through The Complete Booker by December 31st 2010. That’s thirty seven books in fourteen months, which should be do-able. The books I’ve yet to read, and the current sources are:

2007 – The Gathering (Enright) Duncan owns/Mum bought for me
2006 – The Inheritance of Loss (Desai) Duncan owns/Mum bought for me
2005 – The Sea (Banville) Mum bought for me
2004 – The Line of Beauty (Hollinghurst) Duncan and Andy own/Mum bought for me
2001 – True History of the Kelly Gang (Carey) Duncan owns/Mum bought for me
2000 – The Blind Assassin (Atwood) Alex owns
1999 – Disgrace (Coetzee) Duncan and Mike own
1998 – Amsterdam: A Novel (McEwan) Fintan gave to me
1997 – The God of Small Things (Roy) Duncan and Andy own/Mum bought for me
1995 – The Ghost Road (Barker) Duncan owns
1994 – How Late It Was, How Late (Kelman)
1993 – Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Doyle) Duncan and Mike own
1992 – The English Patient (Ondaatje)
1992 – Sacred Hunger (Unsworth)
1991 – The Famished Road (Okri) Duncan owns
1990 – Possession: A Romance (Byatt)
1989 – The Remains of the Day (Ishiguro) Mike owns
1988 – Oscar and Lucinda (Carey) Duncan owns
1987 – Moon Tiger (Lively)
1986 – The Old Devils (Amis)
1985 – The Bone People (Hulme)
1984 – Hotel Du Lac (Brookner)
1983 – Life & Times of Michael K (Coetzee)
1982 – Schindler’s Ark (Keneally)
1980 – Rites of Passage (Golding)
1979 – Offshore (Fitzgerald)
1978 – The Sea, the Sea (Murdoch)
1977 – Staying on (Scott)
1976 – Saville (Storey)
1975 – Heat and Dust (Jhabvala)
1974 – The Conservationist (Gordimer)
1974 – Holiday (Middleton)
1973 – The Siege of Krishnapur (Farrell) I own!
1972 – G. (Berger)
1971 – In a Free State (Naipaul)
1970 – The Elected Member (Rubens)
1969 – Something to Answer For (Newby)

I’ll be an active part of this community for the duration:

Next stop, Bromley House library


One thought on “The Complete Booker

  1. My, you’ve set quite an ambitious goal! I, too, plan to finish the winners list in 2010 but I only have 11 or 12 to go. I’m really looking forward to watching your progress. Glad to have you as part of The Complete Booker.

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