Exemplary theatre

Tonight I had the unrivalled pleasure of meeting Hugh Hughes. A
fictional invention of (I think) Shôn Dale-Jones, Hugh Hughes is an
endearing character who not only takes the time to shake hands with
everyone in the audience as they arrive, but is a wonderful

Story of a Rabbit is a poignant and moving performance that extoles
the virtues of theatre: it celebrates the communal aspect of theatre,
making the the audience aware of each other as well as the performers;
it shows how vital the live experience is, highlighting our individual
experience of the show and the inherent uniqueness of each incarnation
of the show; it’s transformative, inducing an emotional response and
carrying the audience through a series of ‘moments’. It’s also
educational – in the most fantastically light-touch way – it tackles
big issues and succinctly explores all that theatre has to offer.

The directness of the performance is something that would normally
raise my defences, but Hugh Hughes makes it easy to relax, to get
involved, to laugh, to think and to cry without the merest hint of
judgement. Story of a Rabbit is an absolute joy – it’s a gift from two
talented performers that can’t but touch your heart.


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