Book journal

Just realised that I passed the six year mark in my book journal at the end of September (must have been too wrapped up in Booker madness to notice at the time).

So, a few (embarassing) stats for posterity:

In 72 months I’ve read 197 books – an average of 2.74 books a month.

Starting in the October of each listed year, the totals are as follows –
2003 – 54
2004 – 22
2005 – 37
2006 – 28
2007 – 24
2008 – 33

It’s interesting that the journal starts when I started my degree – and it’s also interesting that in six years I haven’t even doubled the number of books that a Booker judge will read in one. It just goes to show how engaging in the Booker has broadened my horizons – not just by introducing me to new authors, but to avid readers that I’m thrilled to be conversing with.

So, that 132 books a year figure is a way off yet, but the training starts here!


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