Challenge update #100days

Almost a third of the way through the challenge, Alex and Bianca’s
efforts begin to take shape… or not.

Alex’s campaign to train his body has gone from strength to strength
despite adverse weather conditions and the festive season’s
frivolities. The snow and ice put paid to Alex ramping up the mileage,
but getting up at 8am on Christmas day to squeeze in a run before
cooking breakfast for us all deserves a special mention. Well done!
Total miles for December: 200.85 – that’s like Alex running from our
house to Folkestone, home of the Channel Tunnel.

Bianca’s frugality was rather less long lived. Seasonal festivities
and two birthdays in the immediate family proved to be a major
obstacle and Bianca fell at each hurdle. Stars increased to 21 for the
31 days of December, but the cumulative target was breached
temporarily on 12th December, and again on 17th December, and has not
fallen back below the cumulative target since. The result is that the
£5 per day target must reduce to £3.28 per day if the 100 day budget
is to be met. Crikes!


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