Read It Swap It | The UK’s Free Book Swap Shop! | The Library

“Bought a book and finished it?
Don’t know what to do with it?
If you’ve Read It, Swap It!”
Welcome to ReadItSwapIt. We have 321,657 books available, with many more added each day.
ReadItSwapIt is a completely free service. Find out how it works or see what people have been saying about us

You can browse or search for books you’d like by using the tools on the left, or view the latest books.

“The system really does work – we listed a dull tax handbook that was lying around and within a day had several requests for it.
” Webuser

“Try an online book swap club. Even the most leisurely reader, averaging a book a month, can save close to £100 a year this way.
” The Telegraph

I found readitswapit in my little book of green – GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The Telegraph comment really made me laugh, describing a leisurely reader as someone who gets through a book a month! I know lots of people who read more slowly than that, but would The Telegraph simply discount them as readers?!

Anyway, I think readitswapit is a great idea, even if I’ll have to train myself to let go of books I’ve read.


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