Bonny Scotland

Last night saw our bittersweet return to the weasel household after a glorious week in South West Scotland. What a week for nature: fascinating wildlife and breathtaking views.

On Sunday, Dad and I met Stewart from Raptorworld in Perthshire, who brought Orkney and Fidget, two beautiful Harris Hawks, to meet us.

Monday saw us at the mesmerising Loch Doon, admiring the views, exploring the small castle and finding a (sadly dead) Adder. Then we wandered over to the somewhat depleted but remarkably untouched forty-foot waterfall at Dalcairny Lynn.

Tuesday was a busy day. I went for my first solo run (down to Burn’s Cairn on Afton Road and washing my face in the river). Then we headed out to Culzean Castle, but extortionate entry fees pushed us further on to Maidens, where we proceeded to scramble around the rocky coast to get a view of the castle. We had dinner at Dunure, a small fishing village, and then looked around the castle there. Once home, we were joined by Tom Wilson, who took us to the nature reserve at Barony A Frame to watch out for Pipistrelle bats.

Wednesday we took it a bit easier, having a wander around the grounds at Dean Castle, Kilmarnock, and then having a delightful lunch at Catrine House (where the most exquisite ice creams and sorbets are made).

Thursday we went to Dumfries to see my Great Aunt Joyce, and then we took a trip to the Dumfries Observatory, with a fantastic Camera Obscura that’s been in use for 174 years.

Friday we wandered down the Ayr river to Peden’s steps, and it was a sore trial not to walk them! We also visited friends in Catrine, and wandered some more of the river spotting majestic Herons.

All this, with the backdrop of a cosy Bed and Breakfast, set in a beautiful big garden with hens and ducks wandering around, filled with paintings: I’m not ashamed to plug Afton Water Bed and Breakfast – run by my parents, who are so lucky to have this on their doorstep.

Check Flickr soon for more photos.


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