The lost decade

Don’t be alarmed – you have entered the lost decade…

I had an unexpected conversation on Friday about the phenomenon of the lost decade, which relates especially to women – or so the theory goes. The idea is that modern women lose a decade between around 25 and 35 years of age. This is something to do with the relatively recent ‘liberation’ of women from the conventional roles of motherhood and spouse-dom (I say conventional because it’s not as though these roles are no longer applicable, it’s just that they’ve changed somewhat).

I like this idea. It makes sense of my life, and the extraordinary pressure I feel as 30 approaches and as so many of my peers are sprogging and achieving – neither of which I can currently lay claim to. I like the idea that I have a whole decade that’s not going to be judged, because it will be lost – it makes me feel freer to make mistakes and take risks, and it makes me look forward with even greater pleasure to reaching 35, when my body will finally catch up with my mind!

I don’t know if you can lose something if you know it is lost, but I am going to give it a bloody good go.


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