Producing Ears

Hello all ears people

I’m spending a jolly week here at the Pervasive Media Lab in Bristol, and I’m exploring the possibilities for producing ears. The great news is that there are loads of possibilities – many more than I outlined at our first meeting. Of course, the difficulty is in identifying the simple solution that really exploits the writing that you are doing, and that creates a fantastic user experience without the technology overburdening the material or the set-up. As the week goes on, I’ll be posting a few more thoughts up here for posterity and to show how my thinking is shifting, but in the meantime, I had to provide a brief write-up of the project that will enable the other producers and the Lab users to talk to me about it. I’ll post this below for your reference, but don’t worry too much about whether it accurately represents your current thinking, as I’m sure things are moving on apace. The main thing is for me to start verbalising what the project is about and to play with some of the broader ideas.

I’m really looking forward to helping turn your ideas and your texts into a magical reality.


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