Man Booker prediction #readingthebookerprize

Ahead of tonight’s fun at Arnold Library, I thought a short summary of
my opinion was in order – as it will no doubt change as a result of
discussion and different perspectives.

My favourite book of the six is Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter
Carey. I’m still 100 pages from the end, but it has been the funniest,
most engrossing and most lyrical of the dozen this year. I know a
Carey win would make history, and the possibility of a third win for
the master storyteller is very exciting.

Of course, there are worthy contenders: C is unlike anything I can
recall, and what it achieves is hard to articulate but it trumps the
rest in its aesthetic concerns. The Finkler Question is really
provocative and though it took me a while to warm to it, I found it
very stimulating (and laugh-out-loud funny in places). The Long Song
is a compelling story with fantastic characters and voices and a
warmth that is almost at odds with both the narrator and the
situation. In a Strange Room is an adventure of sorts, and left me
with a peculiar feeling of disconnection, aware of my position as
observer when reading. Room, which I am right in the middle of, hasn’t
affected me as I expected (I am normally a sucker for a novel with a
child narrator) – though the book has so far been all character and
setting, and so its likely that, as the actions steps up, my opinion
will change.

I’m no good at making predictions, and even though I’ve now read over
half of the previous Booker winners, I’ve no better an idea of what
makes a winner than when I started my reading challenge. So, as they
say, it’s all to play for!


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