Seeing off 2010

Uncustomary though it is, I haven’t yet summarised 2010, and I thought
I’d better hop in quick as February arrives in a couple of hours (and
it’s unthinkable to put a year in review as spring starts to creep
This time, a few favourites – I’m sure no-one cares about stats, so
instead, I wanted to take the opportunity to shout about some GREAT
We love you city: a monumental experience. In a theatre. At the
Belgrade in Coventry for three weeks, this Talking Birds show had
everything… 11 ‘players’, superb choreography, high energy, songs,
laughs, a terrific cast, silly hats, weaving narratives, a tumultuous
climax and football. I was so moved that my cardigan sleeve was
drenched by the end, and I wish I’d taken my Dad to see it (if he
lived a bit closer to Coventry, I would have insisted). I can only
pray that it is produced again, and the sooner the better for me!
Nick Walker: I admit it, I’m a big fan. Nick wrote We love you city,
but if that wasn’t enough to make a fan of me, he’s also the author of
two wickedly funny and superbly plotted novels – Blackbox and
Helloland – that I had the pleasure of reading and recommending to
friends last year. Rumour has it that there’s a third novel on the
way, and you can be sure I’ll be making a song and dance about that
when the time comes. Now, I just have to get my hands on his back
catalogue of radio plays…
What was lost: Perhaps the best book I’ve been given as a birthday
present, and certainly in my top three reads of the year (the order of
the top three shifts according to my mood) this book made my hairs
stand on end at the final page. Exquisite.
District 9: I’d never normally pick up a film with monstrous creatures
in it, but District 9 was worth the punt. It’s the freshest and
craziest sci-fi film I’ve ever seen. This film is, in fact, the
perfect antithesis to sci-fi and action-adventure.
Elbow – Leaders of the Free World: Technically, I bought this album in
2011, but as I don’t think I bought a CD in 2010, and as it’s so
bloody good, I thought I could get away with raving about it. It is
simply sublime. And I’ve listened to it ten times in the last week.
Eurostar: Final big up to Eurostar and SNCF after a memorable journey
across France this summer, and my first experience of a double decker
train. Who’d have thought?!


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