It came, it went, and I bloomin’ enjoyed it

For many people, the new year is a time of reflection and the making of resolutions. For me, with an early January birthday, I have double the anxiety about what I’m doing with my life. This year I joined the thirties club, and in less than six months I’ll lose my job. But all that strangely adds up to an unusual feeling of joy and excitement.

No doubt, in part, this is a hangover from myriad gestures of kindness and expressions of love on my birthday weekend – who wouldn’t feel good after that? In the lead up to the celebrations, I asked close friends and family to play desert island discs with me, finding it was all but a game. The fantastic selections can be found at and I’m especially grateful for such generosity and spirit.

I’m also really enjoying thinking about what sort of work I want to be doing and making – enforced reflection isn’t always comfortable, but it is ultimately rewarding. I’m a little way off announcing what I’ll be moving into come the summer, but watch this space. In the meantime, want to see something inspiring? Of course you do. Check out Wowser.




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