Tides of thought

It’s been a good week for analogies with water. Professionally, I’ve been thinking about the metaphors of flooding in relation to memories, particularly concentrating on the destructive fallout of an inundation, and the residual debris and chaos. I also spent two days at an ideas lab as part of Culture Hack East, which felt like swimming (sometimes against the tide) through a sea of thought.

I recently moored my solo skiff (yes, enough of the naff watery puns) and started sharing living space again, which made me realise how much time I’ve been spending in my own head trying to process the clamouring mass of my thoughts. I considered blogging frequently, for the discipline of expressing a single thought, and the marked benefit of silencing even one of the multitudes of thought frequencies in my brain. Yet I found the physicality of a box of stuff had a pervasive power over me, and the perpetual desire to create the ultimate organised space was difficult to ignore. I often worked late into the night, beavering away, finding spaces for stuff, making order where there was chaos. Now, working into the night isn’t an option – it’s neither considerate nor conducive to a functional relationship.

It isn’t just stuff I’ve been reordering, though – it’s habits, my lifestyle if you will, which responds to another recurrent desire: to be in the moment. Carpe Diem!

So, March is blogging month. It’s a chance to crystallise and cast off thoughts to allow space for new ones. It’s space for reflection and growth. It’s an opportunity to catch up and to draw lines. It’s a consolidation, and a departure. It’s a crucial landing space for the learning I’ll be doing at the Clore Emerging Leader’s course in two weeks time.

Let’s see where this goes…


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