Mirror mirror

Right from the off, the Clore Emerging Leaders course encouraged attendees to understand the value of our peers’ experience and their perspectives. Here’s a running commentary about what’s been reflected back at me from these incredible people (analysis may follow).

* As a competent, capable and enthusiastic doer, how can you allow space for others to take responsibility and lead?
* How can you manage a role that steps away from delivery? Do you want to?
* How can you cultivate collaborative and cooperative relationships?

* You’re clearly very passionate, but you don’t seem convinced that you can bring about the change you want to see. Are you?
* You’re very good at giving clear feedback.
* You ask insightful and challenging questions.
* You make a strong and credible case, but what you are asking me to do is too big a step for me to take.

* You are sharp.
* You clearly present a leadership style that nurtures other people.


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