Warning: symbolism ahead


Whilst ‘walking and talking’ yesterday, I found this beautiful leaf skeleton. I know it’s naff to describe it as a symbol of the experience I’m having here at Craxton Wood, but I’m going to anyway (you don’t have to indulge me!)

These first few hours as a cohort have involved sharing our current situations, which include myriad organisations, varied backgrounds and countless exciting projects. This is certainly the stuff that is glossy and vibrant, like chlorophyll laden cells. As the hours tick by, we are starting to cut to the quick – to learn and understand more about how we operate and what our fundamental values are – both those apparent and those newly uncovered by our perceptive peers. This stuff is without doubt the underlying structure, the glue that holds everything else together and gives us our integrity.

Symbolism aside, 29 hours in, I certainly feel see-through. My opinion of myself is slowly unravelling, and right now, I’m riding the wave of this discomfort…


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