Officially (as denoted by me) this is a post of mourning.

I picked up ‘Leading beyond authority’ by Julia Middleton from the Clore bookshelf. It appealed because it focuses on leading outside of your designated area of authority, thinking specifically about what we can learn when we supress our tried and trusted methods because we want to make a difference. The fourth chapter deals specifically with the typical leadership traits that we need to jettison in order to get on with influencing people and transforming situations that agree outside of our control.

This afternoon, we had a fantastic session about coaching for leadership with Deb Barnard. In encouraging us to try out some coaching principles, she instructed us to banish from our minds tendencies to analyse, teach, rescue and problem-solve, in oder to conduct the coaching ‘clean’.

To round the day off, I had a thirty minute coaching session, which I’ll keep to myself for just a little while longer. The upshot, though, was that I realised just how much of an impact my self criticism has on my ability to act, and to be the fullest expression of myself possible.

So, a decision – to ensure that I make the contribution to the world that only I can. Here’s a casting off of all the things that make me an awkward fit in my own skin. Let’s mourn their passing, and then celebrate their absence:

* The idea that I can’t make friends easily
* Believing that I’m not likeable
* Doubting that I’m interesting
* Insistence that I’m awkward, particular and don’t ‘fall in’
* Consistent declarations that I am awful at public speaking
* An inability to take a compliment gracefully
* The perception that I’m unable to be influential
* A fear that people judge me as too earnest or serious


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