OPEN for business


Permit me to be bold: I think we should get together. I want to explore your mind, touch your handiwork and feel your passion. I want to find the gaps between us and to ignite a fire with all the oxygen in that space, so that when the fire dies we are drawn together as in a vacuum. Together we can make something magical.

Today I took another step inside the chamber of learning, with the glorious aid of a cloreclaw buddy, and I found something perplexing: I found the right people. It’s a complex notion, but there are a few things I know. I know that I want to have deep, creative and productive relationships with a variety of people. I know that I want to solve a problem imaginatively. I know that I want to bring together a powerhouse of creative talent for a collective endeavour. In short, I want to be part of a creative community, one that’s made up of the right people.

The tricky thing, of course, is that for something to be right, it must meet a particular criteria, which suggests judgement and selection. I find the idea of ‘building’ a community deeply problematic (communities work well when the constituents are self selecting) and counter intuitive (the rallying point should be a problem, not a person). All that adds up to a considerable challenge: is it possible to create a call to action without owning the problem?

I’m trying to break old habits of facilitation and coordination in order to make way for collaboration. That means learning how to embrace difference, lose control and trust the process. Crucially, it means trying to understand others, and the only way to do that is to be open. So here’s my declaration: I’m now open for business (and I’ll revel in potential and wilful misinterpretation)!


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