I send you this cadmium red

Artists deal in layers of abstraction – an idea manifest is, by necessity, one step away from pure thought, and an audience, in exercising their own faculties, instigate yet another level of remove. John Christie and John Berger, in their epistolary exchange, come to realise that “aesthetics are better practised than discussed… Colour, and our need of colour, is everywhere.”

I send you this cadmium red is inherently a many layered thing. A collection of letters is the source material for this provocative musing on the power of colour, which lift from the page as they are spoken aloud, melding with a soundscape that echoes the shifting tone of the exchange. The words describe colours and artefacts that subsequently become the pages of a book, replete with images of the letters themselves. But the interpretation of I send you this cadmium red produced by Paul Bennun removes the audience from the physical fact of the letters exchanged and instead offers a rich and personal access to the sentiment by allowing the words, the quality of the voice, the canvas of sounds to draw the colours. Averting our gaze from colour, line and form, allows the colours to be felt rather than seen; imagined, and therefore created.

I send you this cadmium red is a testament to the deep and compelling power of sound, encouraging the listener themselves to ‘practice aesthetics’.


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