That was January 2014

I realise with sadness that, though I did some remarkable things in 2013, I barely recorded any of them. And what about poor posterity, eh? Or my memory, for that matter. Cue the hackneyed round-up of the month just gone.


I went to Soho Theatre for the first time to see a production called The Ugly Sisters by Rash Dash theatre. It was produced by Clore emerging leader friend Charlotte Bennett, which was just as well because, having seen a short excerpt of the play in development, I was a bit afraid to go and see it. I was surprised by just how much I loved it – yes it was fierce, but it also seemed so vital. Just goes to show, it’s not only the quiet stuff that can move me.


I was lucky enough to be participating in the Readers’ Circle lead by Writers’ Centre Norwich (in fact by another very good Clore emerging leader friend Sam Ruddock). This Circle collectively read around 140 books, and whittle down a selection of around six books that include poetry, short stories and a work in translation. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about myself, as I suggest in this blog, but more than anything, I’ve read some great books. My top mention (lest this simply become a list of great books) is This is how you lose her by Junot Diaz.


I thought long and hard about what resolution I might make this year. The general principle is to be in the world more, to care about things that exist without. Last year, two crowdfunding requests passed me by (I had the best of intentions), so I have a loose idea that I could actively seek a project a month to back. In the grand habit of not fulfilling a resolution, and therefore not seeking something out, January was saved on the final day by Lisa Heledd Jones who tweeted this. So, I’m now proud supported of Peter Wintonick’s Search for Utopia – not only is this a beautiful manifestation of the daughter-father relationship (of which I’m deeply concerned), but it’s testament to Lisa’s ability to bring great stuff into my life just when I need it.


Finally, having had more than a few evenings to myself, I watched a lot of films that I don’t ordinarily get a chance to (yes, quite a bit of Disney, and some goofy films) but the one that really stood out for me was Hidalgo. I’m a sucker for a horse movie. And Viggo Mortensen looks like my Dad. The other book I’d like to mention is the sparkling Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. Just read it.


I’ll be finishing Out of Sheer Rage and seeing Analog.ue on a February morning.


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