Galley Beggar Short Story Prize

Did you hear the thrilling news? Galley Beggar Press, those champions of short form, have opened a short story prize!

ShortstorycoversmallNow, I wouldn’t put any money at all on predicting the tastes of the judges – Sam Jordison, Eloise Millar, Paul Ewen and Benjamin Myers – but I would bet they like to be surprised and are about as open-minded a bunch of readers as you’ll ever get.

Still, for those unfamiliar with the Galley Beggar thang, here’s a round-up of the stuff of theirs that I’ve read AND LOVED over the last eighteen months (such young love!). It’s impossible to try and classify it, so I won’t bother, but I will draw your attention to this: Galley Beggar aren’t afraid of what it means to be human – and in fact have repeatedly embraced stories about the chaotic, seedy and sometimes implausible ways that we get on with the messy business of living and loving. Theirs is a taste fucking vital and glorious.

You’ve just over 11 weeks to get your stories in, and here’s the link to all the info:

I for one can’t wait for that long-list anthology. Yee-ha!


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