Behind the blog

While the ink is still wet is written by Bianca Winter, who loves books, learning and observing the world. Bianca has a love-hate relationship with art and makes some attempts at a kind of cultural commentary, but mostly this blog contains things that swim around her head at 2am, or that otherwise occupy thinking time and need a good airing. Bianca can’t promise it will always make sense, or that it will be interesting, but she’s very happy to have a conversation about any of the things she writes about.

For even more flippant/spontaneous/immediate thoughts, you can check out Bianca’s tweets, where she’s doing a bad job of discovering brevity. Or, if you prefer listening to reading, you could check out Bianca’s aural explorations at AudioBoo. [2014 update: this is heinously old now, but there are good intentions…]

Bianca is always interested in being approached about interesting literary and artistic projects, and is an accomplished project manager, producer and an amateur reader (in the best sense of the word) – you can get in touch at gmail – biancajanewinter and her CV is available.

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