meandglobe, originally uploaded by biajane.

I had hoped to post this image quite some time ago (have had a birthday since, in fact). Still, better late than never.

(In case it’s not clear, it’s the snow globe my parents bought for me, with a tiny footprint from my bambino years, alongside my rather larger foot of sixteen months ago!)

adore everything

adore everything, originally uploaded by biajane.

Some posts ago, I got in a bit of a tizz about the atheists buying advertising space on the sides of buses to criticise Christians. Having found the web application that those jokers must have used to fabricate the image, I am somewhat embarassed that I got so annoyed. I almost as embarassed as the time I found out that what I had thought to be an authentic tale of provenance in relation to the origins of The Robber Bride, was in fact a fiction. In my defence, I had never thought that a preface could be anything but straight – naive, eh?

Anyway, here’s my own bus slogan for your delectation.